Dave Pracyse

Album: Dave Pracyse + Bigga Rankin "The Untouch... (2010)

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Song: Boss N**** (ft. Cory Mo)

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Dave Pracyse is without a doubt, the next prominent artist to emerge from the streets of Chicago.
Born on the west side of Chicago and raised in Town and Garden apartments, blocks away from the Notorious Cabrini Green Projects, Dave Pracyse was influenced by local drug dealers and hustlers at an early age. He became attracted and impressed by the flashy, fast pasted and quick money making lifestyle lived by his peers. Although Dave, himself, engaged in negative activities that he figured would result in the same flashy lifestyle, he decided to take another route once he discovered that he had a piercing love for music and the way it was crafted.

In the early to mid 90's, Dave found himself consumed with music and inspired by artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Jay-Z, Ludacris and 2Pac. As a result, he soon realized that music was his calling and at that point he decided to leave the street life behind. In 2001, he became a hype-man for child hood friend and fellow rap artist, Threat. From the moment he hit the stage, he knew that he had a gift to entertain. Soon there after, Dave became a member of a rap group by the name of Double O. The group went on to achieve success within the mid west, gaining the opportunity to work with various highly acclaimed Chicago DJ's Just when it seemed that Double O would become more than a local favorite, the group split up.

Despite the demise of the group, Dave and Threat decided to keep working towards success in the music industry by starting their own music brand, Center Of The Hood Music Group, a move which pushed the envelope on Dave's talent and forced him to look beyond rapping and into the business behind it all.

On a cold fall night in Chicago, Dave performed at a local event that he was, initially, not supposed to perform at. During his performance, Pracyse caught the eye of DJ Averi Minor, a fairly know figure in the Chicago music industry and also the event's resident DJ. From that night on, history began to take hold as Dave Pracyse and Averi joined forces to produce songs that would take Dave's music to a wider audience. Their chemistry was so great, they knew that by working together they could take their music careers to another plateau.

"Main Event," Dave and Averi's first collaboration, was produced by Averi's production team, The Sound Schemez. It received overwhelming praises from DJs as well as true music lovers, on various internet sites including, Facebook, Streetcred.com, and Blackplanet.com just to name a few. By October 1, 2007, "Main Event" had received an unbelievable 200+ spins from internet, radio stations, satellite, and various networking sites. Dave Pracyse and Averi Minor have since teamed up and began working on Pracyse's mixtape series, Flight School series which featured such internet sensations as Main Event & Beat of My Drum. His forthcoming full length debut titled "Enemy Of The State" is due to drop 4th Qtr of 2010. Dave's projects will feature production from The Sound Schemez as well as a few other producers such as Red Bull Big Tune Champion, J-Rell, Harvy Allbangers & Kajun )producer for DTP/Def Jam.) The first single, I Hustle is hitting airwaves now with a video released in Jan 2010.

With crafty production, catchy delivery and a very unique voice, Dave Pracyse can only be summed up to be exactly what hip hop is missing and a prototype of what the face of longevity will look like in the next 10 to 20 years of black music.